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O2Diesel Receives $1M in DOE Funding for California Emissions Study

O2Diesel Corporation has received in excess of $1 million in US Department of Energy funding to verify O2Diesel, its ethanol-blended diesel fuel under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Diesel Emissions Control Strategy (DECS).

O2Diesel is already verified by CARB as an alternative fuel. DECS, however, provides a higher-level verification that enables companies in California industries such as construction/off road, port, transit, utilities, public fleets, and solid waste haulers as well as DoD facilities to meet both CARB and EPA air quality regulations.

ARB established a multi-level verification process for its retrofit program. There are three verification levels for PM emission control strategies and only systems expected to reduce PM emissions by at least 25%, or to achieve PM levels of 0.01 g/bhp-hr will be considered for ARB’s verification approval. Although not a requirement at this time, if a diesel emission control strategy also reduces NOx emissions by at least 15%, this will be included in the verification.

ARB Verification Classifications
for Diesel Emission Control Strategies
PM < 25% Not verified
> 25% Level 1
> 50% Level 2
> 85%, or < 0.01 g/bhp/hr Level 3
Optional Verification Classifications
NOx <: 15% Not verified
> 15% Verified in 5% increments

In earlier testing by the company, the e-diesel blend reduced CO emissions by up to 26%; NOx emissions by up to 5%; and PM emissions by up to 40% compared to conventional diesel.

The testing to verify the emissions benefits of O2Diesel will begin immediately following finalization of the testing plans with CARB.

O2Diesel is a blend of 7.7 vol% ethanol, 0.6% of the company’s patented and proprietary fuel technology and 91.7% of regular diesel fuel. The blend delivers reduced emissions from diesel-powered equipment, with no loss of power performance or driveability.

In July, the company announced that school bus and tour service provider Dakota Trailways of Spearfish, SD has joined the CityHome program and has begun a two-phase implementation to convert its entire school and tour bus fleet to O2Diesel’s ethanol-diesel fuel blend. Implementation for the school buses begins immediately, with the conversion of the 25 tour buses—which service the Mt. Rushmore National Monument—will begin later in the year.

The support of CityHome sponsors ensures the school bus extension of the program by meeting any costs associated with the switch to O2Diesel’ fuel. CityHome was launched nationally in 2005 with the StarTran system in Lincoln, NE, when they converted their 67 diesel powered buses to O2Diesel.




What a rip off, scam, O2Diesel just bilked $1mil out of the government. A Million Dollars for a year long STUDY to prove what any DieselGeek could explain in 2 minutes and prove in less than an hour. You have got to be kidding, O2Diesel should be ashamed.


"O2Diesel should be ashamed" I agree, but this is small potatos campared to the hundreds of $millions spent on the Hydrogen scam.

John Ard

Where do I sign up to get a million dollars to blend biodiesel and gas? :)

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