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Asia-Europe Meeting Pledges to Set New CO2 Targets Beyond Kyoto

Leaders of 38 Asian and European countries convened for the sixth Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) summit issued a Declaration on Climate Change that pledges to set new carbon dioxide emissions targets that go beyond those now set for 2012 under the Kyoto Protocol.

The declaration calls for resolute action to meet the interrelated multiple goals of addressing climate change, reducing air pollution and improving the global environment while contributing to sustainable development and synergies with energy policy goals.

We recognize that climate change and security of energy supply are interrelated. We foresee that very significant resources, an estimated US$6.3 trillion, will be invested in the energy sector in ASEM countries by 2030 and see this as a challenge but also as an opportunity.

We will cooperate to promote development, transfer and deployment of low-carbon technology and access by developing ASEM countries to cleaner and climate friendly technologies, without overlooking any relevant option, be it existing or new. We are committed to enhancing energy efficiency and scaling up the use of new and renewable energy, adapted to local circumstances.

We also emphasize that in the longer term technological breakthroughs will be required, welcoming that further possibilities are being explored. We value existing bilateral, regional, and global partnerships and look forward to further enhancement of broad international collaboration in research, development, transfer, and deployment of climate-friendly technologies.

—from the Declaration

The Declaration set no targets; each country pledged to do its best. Europeans had hoped for more aggressive action from the Asian countries, especially China.

ASEM participants are Austria, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Myanmar, the Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

The summit also adopted a decision on the admission of six new partners: Bulgaria and Romania from Europe and India, Mongolia, Pakistan and the ASEAN Secretariat on the Asian side will join the ASEM process.


fyi CO2

Pity the Bush admin. can't even talk the talk

Paul Dietz

Pity the Bush admin. can't even talk the talk

Hey, it's better than talking and then not walking. At least the US isn't being as hypocritical as many Kyoto signatories have been. Looked at Canada's CO2 emissions lately?

Bike Commuter Dude

"It is better to keep one's mouth closed, and to have people think them a fool, than to open it, and remove all doubt."

-Ben Franklin

Sid Hoffman

Canada, Mexico, central America, Brazil, Venezuela... for crying out loud, I don't think a single country in north, central, or south america has done anything but inflate it's CO2 production massively in the years since Kyoto was ratified!

Harvey D.

Paul Dietz:

We haven't seen the worse yet. Wait till Canada ups Tar Sands production from 1 to 5+ million barrels/day. The past 5 years +24% increase in GHG will look small. We have to be good neigbours and do our share to feed the 100 million gas guzzlers in USA and Canada!!!!


Think I'll close that italics tag...

Sid: Hence why Kyoto is a poor way to go about this since alternative fuels only account for a very small portion of global transportation fuel demand. The only way to really reduce GHG production is to have economically viable alternatives that can truly displace coal and oil. We're still years away from that.

Until we have them, it'll just be status quo and we'll have no choice if we want the world economy to keep growing. Even Germany is giving new coal powerplants an emissions pass for 14 years since natural gas is so expensive.


Huh. It didn't work.

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