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China to Triple Fuel Ethanol Output by 2010

Reuters. China plans to increase its fuel ethanol output from 1 million tonnes (333 million gallons US) last year to more than 3 million tonnes (1 billion barrels US) by 2010, according to a division chief from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

Speaking at the World Biofuels Symposium—China in Beijing, Liu Qun said that ethanol should replace more than 5% of China’s gasoline consumption, compared with less than 2% now.

China launched a major bio-ethanol program in 2000 based on three issues: fuel shortages, air pollution and development of the rural economy. China now has four government-sponsored fuel ethanol plants with total annual capacity of 1.02 million tonnes.

In China, more than 80% of ethanol is made from grains including corn, wheat, cassava, rice etc. About 10% is made from sugar, 6% from paper pulp waste residue, and the rest from ethylene by synthetic process.

With an initial goal in the national development plan of 11 million tons of bioethanol and biodiesel by 2020, China is pushing for the use of non-food crops as the material for bioethanol production. China Resources Alcohol Corporation (CRAC) recently entered into a joint development agreement with Novozymes and SunOpta for the development of cellulosic ethanol in the China. (Earlier post.)



fyi CO2

At least the Chinese aren't 100% in foodstock for ethanol.
Any ethanol factory in the US harvesting paper pulp waste?


Chinaman could be very fast in anything, depends on they want to do it or not. They could even consider planting Jatropha in large scale, manpower to harvest the nuts are almost not an issue for them.


What an incredible change - 30 years ago China was literally starving, and now they have so much grain they can use it to make car fuels. I guess (???) this is good....


If China decides to do something, they can do it. They do not totally depend on a market system to decide if it is profitable enough. This has its drawbacks..they better make sure they are right.


In fact, using grain as the feedstock to make bio-fuel is not so realistic in China because of unstable grain yield. China is seeking a new feedstock for bio-ethanol now.


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