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Dresden and Leipzig to Buy Buses with GM Hybrid System

by Jack Rosebro

The Hybrid Urbino.

At this year’s Internationale Automobile-Ausstellung (IAA) commercial vehicle show, Polish bus manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach Company confirmed that the first purchasers of the hybrid version of their 18-meter (60 foot) articulated Urbino bus, which uses GM’s Allison two-mode EDrive system, are the German municipalities of Dresden and Leipzig.

Solaris built a hybridized prototype of the Urbino in just four months. More announcements are expected soon.

Solaris was not the only company to display a hybridized 18-meter bus at IAA. Dutch company APTS was also in attendance with their guided-system Phileas bus.

The Solaris and APTS buses represent the first European implementation of Allison’s two-mode hybrid powertrain (earlier post).


allen Z

They should put this to good use. Unlike the nitwit bureaucrats in Washington that used it mostly on highways, the urban use of hybrids of this type is what it was intended for.

Mark A

Where are all the anti-GM and anti-America comments now?


Allison transmissions were marvelous from the beginning of the times. It is arguable the best purchase GM made ever. Highly unusual that German cities choose American hybrid drive, because Orion spin-off of Mercedes makes fine hybrid transmissions too. I have read astounding reports of Allison-equipped buses from Australian buyers. Way to go, GM.


Here we sit in America with more natural gas than we can use and still discussing how to spend more money making diesel buses more efficient. I'm glad the Germans can use these hybrids because they're going to be a tough sell here.

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