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France to Accelerate E85 Support and Adoption

French Finance Minister Thierry Breton has outlined steps in an action plan to accelerate the adoption of E85 flex-fuel vehicles and infrastructure in France. E85 is currently not authorized in France. In June, however, the government launched its first tests of E85 vehicles. (Earlier post.)

The E85 action plan begins January 2007, and includes increasing the production of energy crops, deploying flex-fuel pumps, and ensuring that automakers offer cost-competitive flex-fuel vehicles.

Today we launch on a grand scale the first post-petroleum fuel for French motorists.

—Thierry Breton

One policy focus will be to keep the price of E85 fuel relatively low. To that end, a special tax incentive will be introduced by the end of the year. E85, Breton said, should be cheaper than gasoline and closer to the price of diesel.

The EU has set a target of increasing the use of biofuels to 5.75% of energy consumption by 2010, but most EU countries, including France, are not tracking to this target. In May, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin announced new measures to increase the blending of biofuels with petroleum fuels to 7 vol% by 2010 and 10 vol% by 2015. (Earlier post.)

France produced 100,000 tonnes of ethanol in 2005; that is due to increase to 900,000 tonnes by 2008, propelled by the government insistence on a higher percentage of biofuels.


Max Reid

Thats good France.

Infact a British company is selling a kit, which can be fixed to gasolene vehicles enabling them to run on E85 as well. French can buy it instead of waiting for automakers to sell a FFV.

Brazil, USA, Sweden are big players in Ethanol field. Next month India is also joining.

French started wind energy late, but climbed rapidly to install 1000 MW +. Hope they do the same with Ethanol as well.


They should distill all their wine into auto fuel.


That was done when the US stopped importing french wine, they sold the ethanol to the US as premium gasoline. Cha-ching!


Organic E85?


shall I remember the rule ? :
[Please keep comments on topic. Disagreement is fine, insults, abuse or wild diversions are not. Comments not meeting those standards will be deleted. Abuse of another commenter’s email address will result in the banning of the offender from this site.]
Please stop being anti-french. I am French and we are proud of both our wines and cars.
A bon entendeur, salut !


Great, E85 will be closer to the price of ULSD... then how about i just continue using diesel that will take me further... stop messing around and get producing higher blends of biodiesel!!

fyi CO2

What are the key French energy crops and what are their respective petrochemical/pesticide/irrigation/refinery demands?
In other words, which province in France = Missouri?


frog - Look around.

See if you can find your sense of humor.

Max Reid

Areva = #1 in Nuclear Power
Ariane = #1 in Rocket Launching
Airbus = #1 in Aeroplane Production

French have built many leading industries. In just 20 years between 1970-1990, their Nuclear power increased from 0 - 50,000 MW.

They can do exactly the same thing with Ethanol & Biodiesel if their State gives little help.

Dont underestimate France.

fyi CO2

Ariane and Airbus are EU sponsored programmes,
Areva is 34% owned by Siemens AG.


France growing energy crops is like Mercedes assembling Yugo.


Good for them!

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