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US Sales of Hybrids Hit New High in August: 26,189 Units, 1.8% of LDV Market

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Sales of hybrids in the US continued to climb in August, with a total of 26,189 units sold. That represents an increase of 21.4% from August 2005 and an increase of 2.2% from July 2006. In August, hybrids represented 1.8% of the total light-duty vehicle market.

By contrast, total light duty vehicle sales in August in the US increased only 0.2% from the year before. Sales of light trucks declined 2.3%, while sales of passenger cars climbed 3.1%, year-on-year.

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Toyota continued to lead the way, with strong sales of the Prius (11,117—3 units more than July’s total) and the Camry Hybrid (4,977—a slight 1% decline from July). Together, those two models represented 61.5% of the total hybrid market. The Camry Hybrid represented 11.8% of total Camry brand sales.

The Highlander Hybrid posted 2,581 units, a drop of 12% from August 2005. The Highlander Hybrid represents 22.2% of total Highlander sales. The Rx 400h posted 1,514 units, a sharp drop of 42% from August 2005. The Rx 400h represented 15.4% of combined Rx 400h/Rx 350 sales.

The luxury GS 450h sedan posted 192 units, representing 53% of combined GS 450h/GS 430 sales. That represents 6.5% of all GS model sales: 300, 430 and 450h.

The Ford Escape and Mariner hybrid had a relatively strong month, posting 1,789 units, an increase of 31% from August 2005. The Ford hybrids represented 12.6% of total Escape and Mariner sales.

The Honda Civic Hybrid posted its strongest results of 2006, with 3,411 units sold. Even so, that represented a decrease of 18% compared to August 2005. The hybrid sales in August 2006 represented 10.8% of all Civic models sold. The Accord Hybrid posted 499 units—a steep decrease of 79% compared to August 2005. Hybrids represented 1.4% of all Accord models sold in August. The Insight, on its way out, posted a consistent 109 units, a 27% increase from the year before.

Sales figures for the new Saturn VUE Green Line hybrid will begin to emerge in a month or so, according to GM.

Hybrid_sales_aug06_3 Hybrid_sales_aug06_4
Hybrid car sales. Hybrid SUV sales.
Hybrid_sales_aug06_6 Hybrid_sales_aug06_6
Hybrid sales as a component of total model sales. Hybrids as percentage of total light-duty vehicle sales.



i wonder what's going on with these steep drops compared to last year – highlander, rx400h, civic, and accord. what gives?

Heiko Gerhauser

In the above Toyota news release they claim:

"In August, hybrids sales posted 25,994 units."

How does that add up? Honda and Ford sold more than 26189-25994=195 hybrids.


US Sales of Hybrids Hit New High in August: 26,189 Units, 1.8% of LDV Market?


Heiko, it doesn't. Add up the separate US hybrid sales numbers reported in the press release.
Prius 11,117
Camry 4,977
Highlander 2,581
Rx 400h 1,514
GS 450h 192
Total: 20,381

The 25,994 number would also throw the CYTD total cited in the release out of whack. I've asked for clarification.

fyi CO2

Toyota is soon going to be eating the tooling on the Lexus GS450h - OK it's SULEV, but no question they overdid it with the horsepower.


I'm not surprised about the Highlander, RX400h, and the Accord. These autos fail to meet the relevant market niche for those who want superior gas mileage. No mystery here. The Prius continues to be the car of choice for those who want a hybrid.

Unfortunately, things may slow down after September when the tax credit for Toyotas is cut in half. Recall that Bush asked congress to extend this credit. But there was no action. And where was the Bush follow through? Bogged down in Iraq, I guess.



Gas prices have leveled off, as has oil. Less public pressure on Bush to do anything about this issue. And you are right, the only thing the Administration has time for now is Iraq, Iraq, and Iraq.


When does the Vue come out? Any others this year?

Max Reid

What they said is sales for Aug-2006, so its probably Worldwide sales.
Yes they sold 20,381 in US and around 5,600 in Japan, EU and China.

So the total US sales of 26,189 is awesome. Also they captured 1.8 % of total Light vehicle market which is another high.

If RX400h, GS450h, Highlander, Accord sales declines, I dont worry as they have V6 engine and belong to performance group.

As time passes, only the motor power should increase with engine retaining just 4 cylinders.

I am wondering why GM does not release the sales figure of their Chevy & GMC hybrid trucks. Atleast they should do with Saturn Vue Hybrid which is meant for mass market at an affordable price.

Max Reid

No new Hybrid vehicle is coming through this year, however Honda-Insight which is the lowest selling hybrid is being phased out. Ofcourse, it will
still be sold (with whatever Honda has in stock).

So far, I guess 168,000 hybrid vehicles were sold so far this year. Actually Toyota has silently increased the price of Prius, so its sales will be just in around 11,000 mark.

Money conscious people could jump into Vue Hybrid.


I'm not surprised by the drops in the 'performance hybrids', but I am by the Highlander hybrid sales drop. Perhaps it might be better described as hybrid suv sales standing pat, given how the Escape also standed pat (given the comparison to last year is based on the sales of just the Escape and not the Escape and Mariner together).

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