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ZAP Forms Joint Venture in China with XEBRA Manufacturer

ZAP has signed an agreement to form a joint venture with China auto manufacturer Shandong Jindalu Vehicle Company Ltd.—the manufacturer of the XEBRA electric micro-car which ZAP imports. (Earlier post.)

The joint venture involves the design and manufacture of a new generation of low-cost advanced transportation vehicles that run efficiently on gas, electricity, ethanol and other unspecified advanced technologies and fuels.

ZAP has established an office in Dezhou, China, to support the joint venture. Officials from ZAP and Shandong Jindalu say they expect to announce more developments shortly.

ZAP and its partner are inviting entrepreneurs, capitalists, governmental and educational institutions throughout China and the world to join in the effort. Those in the industries of energy storage, battery manufacturing, solar energy, engine development, new material design, automobile manufacturing and parts and supplies as well as engineering and design are encouraged to participate.

Our work with ZAP’s various micro-cars like the cost-effective electric XEBRA has shown that new approaches to transportation are possible. Scientists, climate and pollution data and the current state of affairs as well as the price of oil are telling us that we must change our ways. What is needed is real leadership. We are proud to be part of a true collaboration between the USA and China in the manufacturing, design and distribution of our first generation of ZAP cars.

—Gary Starr, Chairman of ZAP


Adam Galas

$10 k for a car that goes 40 mph and has a max range of 40 miles? The tech is not quite there yet. But I am confident that a $15K car with top speed of 80 mph and range 80 miles would find a market, or a 20K car that goes 85 mph with a range of 150 miles.


40mph top speed is likely used to meet "softer" safety standards for cost savings purposes.


As long as we are going to have autos in cities, 40mph @ ro miles for $10,000 is perfect . In fact, I think cities should include the ability to rent these vehicles at key points throughout the city. Keep out the noisy, polluting, overpowered ICEs and have people park them at, say, a transit center, near the outskirts. Those who need personal mobility could then transfer to one of these vehicles.


No, 40 MPH is not to meet any "softer" safety standards. The Xebra is licensed as a motorcycle and is a 3 wheeled vehicle


christ, is zAP ever going to come up with a vehicle that's normal and electric? ever?


what do you think is "normal"?

i'm glad that zap came out with the xebra. it's better than a golf cart/nev.
this is a good first step.


we need the two Machine one dry Charger and Hit pasting
If you interested joint venture in Bangladesh
Please inform me
Thanks Mohsin

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