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Bosch and Denso Establish European Joint Venture for Diesel Particulate Filters

Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart/Germany), and Denso Corporation, (Kariya/Japan) have agreed to establish a fifty-fifty joint venture in eastern Europe to develop and to manufacture diesel particulate filters. The joint venture is planned for early 2007.

As a result of the coming Euro 5 emission standard for cars, Bosch and Denso expect that particulate filters will become standard equipment for all new diesel-powered cars in Europe.

From 2009 onward, the joint venture partners plan to manufacture high performance and cost-effective diesel particulate filters made of cordierite and to market them separately. Compared to diesel particulate filters made of other materials, cordierite filters are light and provide lower pressure drop of exhaust gas resulting in high engine performance and efficient purification.

Bosch has considerable system experience in diesel exhaust gas management, especially in the management software that precisely controls the regeneration of particulate filters.


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