Vattenfall Proposes Global 100-Year Climate Stabilization Framework
Congress Approves Further Funding for Velocys Microchannel Reactor Fischer-Tropsch Fuels Project

ExxonMobil Chemical Affiliate in Japan to Highlight Lithium-Ion Battery Technology for Hybrids at EVS 22

ExxonMobil Chemical’s affiliate in Japan, Tonen Chemical Corporation (TCC), will feature its microporous film lithium-ion battery (LIB) separators designed for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications at the upcoming 22nd International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition (EVS 22), Yokohama, October 23-28.

TCC expects that its advanced performance separators will significantly improve LIB power and safety performance in HEV applications. The separators offer the potential to make HEV batteries lighter weight and smaller, thereby contributing to HEV system cost reduction and to improvements in design flexibility and durability.

TCC has more than 20 years of research and development in LIB separators and has supplied its proprietary separators for the world’s first commercial rechargeable LIB [in 1991]. TCC has collaborated with ExxonMobil Chemical, one of the global polyolefins technology leaders, to develop a new generation of advanced performance LIB separators for HEVs.

The collaboration combines TCC’s outstanding process technology and ExxonMobil Chemical’s advanced polymer science technology. Our separators offer broader design flexibility with enhanced performance target to capture cost benefits of LIB HEV.

—Junya Ishiyama, president of Tonen Chemical Nasu (TCN), wholly owned affiliate of TCC

TCC will showcase the advanced performance separator films which have higher melt integrity and a significant reduction in heat shrinkage, while maintaining good permeability and tensile strength when compared to standard separators.

Tonen Chemical Corporation manufactures petrochemical products such as ethylene and propylene in Japan, and sells them as the raw materials for polyethylene and other polymers to its affiliate, Nippon Unicar Corp., and other customers.


Rafael Seidl

Work on separator materials is a useful addition to that done on electrodes (e.g. A123Saystems, Altair Nano) and battery pack design (Tesla Motors). Reducing battery bulk and cost while improving specific power and maintaining safety is critical to expanding the market share of HEVs and, for getting PHEV and BEV concepts beyond the enthusiast stage.


Cool... Imagine that, Exxon saving the planet by helping bring about the rise of the electric car. Does the parent company know what its subsidiary is up to? I always thought Exxon was the biggest villain on the planet.
From my point of view, battery cost is the big issue right now for BEVs.


sounds good but watch out because:

"The Standard Oil Corporation [Exxon] is controlled by aliens who are determined to change the climate and the composition of earth's atmosphere to better suit their species." -- L. Ron Hubbard


Those reptillian dogs! :o

I'm no fan of Exxon but that is a bit harsh. Seriously, though, it's great to see battery technology advancing.


"enhanced performance target to capture cost benefits of LIB HEV."

Is it just me or does this sound like those two little guys from the margins of MAD magazine?

And would those reptillian dogs be warm or cold blooded?

Mark R. W. Jr.

Some have complained that Big Oil is fighting against alt energy. No...they are getting into the act! And it's not just this development with ExxonMobil. Did you know that Shell holds stock in wind power developers?


As more countries take over "Big Oil's" operations overseas I suspect they will turn more and more towards other sources of revenue.

First, the Venezualan govt. went after foreign companies and now the Russian govt. is doing much of the same.

Harvey D.

There are no laws against the movement of capital, specially from fossil fuel to green energy economy.

If Dupont, BP, Shell, Exxon, Total and other large Oil & Chemical industries can accellerate the development of alternative clean energies with their huge current profits, why not invite them to do so.

If those industries progressively switch their business from dirty to clean energies, we should rejoice, buy their stocks and hope that others (many) will follow.



International corporations are faceless machines in business of making money. It is our responsibility to force them to conduct business in humane and environmentally sensible way –through governmental legislation and consumer perception. They already learned (hard way, for example by asbestos mitigation cases) that by compromising health of their workers and consumers they could be busted. Same with environmental damage.

The case with alternative energy is simple. They just diversifying themselves to alternative technologies potentially competitive to their core business– energy and fuel supply. Chevron, for example, for a long time has massive joint ventures with leading HEV battery developer and leading cellulosic ethanol company.


I am fully aware of the movement of BP,Shell and Total into the world of alternate energy and I applaud their farsightedness. I am also aware that Exxon has been funding global warming critics. I have never before heard of them making any move towards alternate energy. The only things I've heard about Exxon lately is humungous payofs to executives and a statement from management that they are not moveing into alternate energy because they haven't made much money at it before. I boycotted Shell when they were doing business with White South Africa (that was a while ago) and now I buy from them because of their work on alternate energy. (BP would be better but they don't have any stations here)

Rafael Seidl

Neil -

hate to burst your bubble but the European oil majors are pursuing natural gas and biofuel alternatives mostly because they need to placate their shareholders by shoreing up their proven reserves.

Exxon made some shrewd investments long, long ago and is sitting on a much larger pile of crude oil. Therefore, it can continue to rake in the dough without having to pursue risky alternatives. The present article describes the activities of a division far removed from HQ. As long as the size of the Li-ion battery market does no materially affect the core crude oil business, products such as superior separator materials are worth doing for marketing reasons.


I don't care why they are doing it. At least BP, Shell and Total are doing something other than spending a lot of money to deny global warming. Exxon is using tactics similar to those used by large tobacco firms.



Pity the faceless oil companies and their endless profits. Don't buy their products if you don't like what their business does. You must be a Socialist. A business without profits doesn't have any workers. I recall reading (30years ago) about how the world was on the verge of the next ICE AGE, but now it's all about GHG and the deadly heat wave to are we going to burn up or freeze to death?


I don't buy the products of companies I don't like. (Exxon and Walmart). You must be American if you think "Socialist" is an insult. Actually I'm a small "l" liberal (to someone from the land of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and George Bush that might sound like a pinko commy). I don't have a problem with profits or workers. I work for a Bank. I do have a problem with companies don't have any kind on concience (Tobacco firms, the Mafia and Walmart). I actually don't have any problem with Americans either (except the afore mentioned).


The Mafia is not a company. These companies (you so dislike) all sell legal products in this country, so it looks like the general public (talking with their money) don’t agree with you. We can not replace all of our oil over night, so it's going to take decades and a number of different technologies to replace it. People buy from China-Mart because they have low paying jobs (millions of high paying jobs have already gone over to Chinda). Who are Pat and Jerry anyway? Enviro-Greenies and/or Liberals = Socialist


"Who are Pat and Jerry anyway?" - LOL. Google them ... if you think liberalism and socialism are the same then you probably think the same way they do. Sprawl-mart ... don't even get me started. And yes, I live in a democratic nation so I can vote with my wallet. (Seems to have more affect than regular voting)


While we're at it I'll add Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Pat Buchanan to my list ... but I'm way off topic. A little venting in the afternoon makes me feel better.


I am not sure E/M is somehow different from other oil companies. It is the biggest, and hence receives unproportional amount of critique. Same with McDonalds, Wall Mart, Coca Cola, Microsoft, or just US.


Drivers who run red lights should be punished severly

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