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IC Corporation Launches Hybrid Commercial Bus Line with Enova Systems

IC’s new commercial buses will be available in hybrid versions.

IC Corporation, North America’s largest combined school bus and commercial bus manufacturer, is launching a new line of diesel-electric hybrid commercial buses.

IC Corporation launched its new line of conventional commercial buses this summer, and also introduced a hybrid-electric school bus in partnership with Enova Systems. (Earlier post.)

Hybrid buses provide two distinct advantages. With its reduced fuel use and emissions, it is environmentally friendly. Secondly, a significant increase in fuel efficiency can dramatically improve the bottom line of many businesses.

—Michael Cancelliere, Vice President and General Manager of IC Corporation

IC’s new conventional commercial bus line is the mid-size bus industry’s only line of integrated buses—the chassis and body are built to work together for enhanced performance and durability. The buses are targeted for use by various vocations, including small to mid-size transit agencies, municipalities, and other shuttle applications such as hotels, universities and tour companies. Each of the bus models caters to specific industry needs and will soon be available as hybrid buses.

IC Corporation’s new commercial bus line includes:

  • A low-floor bus (LC Series) built specifically for easy accessibility;
  • A medium-duty bus (HC Series);
  • A front-engine transit bus model (FC Series); and
  • A rear-engine transit bus model (RC Series).

The hybrid bus line features Enova System’s post-transmission 80 kW (peak) Hybrid Drive System—the same system used in the hybrid school bus application—in combination with either the International DT 466 diesel engine or the International VT 365 diesel engine.



The Rapid Transit Authority in our area uses F450 type busses. If they could use something like this, it would be cleaner and more cost effective.

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