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Rinehart Motion Systems Debuting New Compact 100kW-Class Traction Drive at EVS-22

Rinehart Motion Systems LLC (RMS) is debuting a new 100kW-class traction motor controller for Electric (EV), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles (PHEV) at the 22nd Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS-22), held this week in Yokohama, Japan.

The drive system is roughly half the volume of comparable motor drives on the market today. RMS was able to achieve this size reduction through enhanced thermal performance based on a liquid-cooling system from Amulaire Thermal Technology as well as close attention to system packaging details and inverter efficiency improvements.

The new motor drive is a development platform, and can be easily customized for use in a variety of EVs or HEVs, where the smaller volume will help designers reduce the size, weight and cost of the hybrid vehicle propulsion system.

The heat dissipation components offered by Amulaire deliver the highest thermal performance available today, contributing to the size reduction of the traction drive electronics package, using technology we could not find anywhere else.

—Memo Romero, VP of Engineering of Rinehart Motion Systems

The thermal solution from Amulaire is a high-density cold plate for liquid-cooling systems. Manufactured by Amulaire’s proprietary highly flexible metal injection molding technologies, the cold plate features a high-density, optimally arranged fin configuration for maximized thermal performance.

RMS offers a range of services for OEMs, systems integrators and end users in areas including power circuit design and product development, power hybrid and MCM packaging, AC and PM Synchronous motor drives (1 – 1,000kW), 3D solid modeling, and automated production test systems.


Steve Schuld

Hello, I am an auto instructor for the local high school. We are look at starting an electronics class that would incorperate the new technologies of electric motors. We have aquired a used electric motor from a Ford Ranger but the controler and batteries are unservicable. We are looking to find a supplier for some parts. If you can help plese email me with aproximate costs of the controler or related parts.
The motor is a Ford Traction Motor, Type 1 PV5 133

Thank You

Steve Schuld
Automotive Instructor
Roosevelt High School
6600 w 41 st.
Sioux Falls Sd 57106

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