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SVE Launches CLEANOVA Plus E100 Hybrid

The CLEANOVA II battery-electric vehicle.

SVE (Société de véhicules électriques), an electric vehicle developer jointly created by the French companies Heuliez and Dassault, has launched a new version of its hybrid powertrain called Cleanova Plus, which combines the firm’s battery-electric system with a spark ignition engine running on 100% bioethanol as a range-extender.

SVE has been testing the CLEANOVA II battery-electric vehicle—also available with a range extender in a series hybrid configuration—with the French post office (La Poste) and expects to begin commercial sales imminently. CLEANOVA II uses lithium-ion batteries and a permanent magnet AC synchronous motor-generator from TM4. (Earlier post.)

The range extender (prolongateur d’autonomie) integrated into the electric drive unit.

The drivetrain is a multifunction system that integrates a 35 kW electrical motor, a 15 kW range extender generator and a differential in a single module. The drivetrain module also includes all the associated control and power electronics, the DC-DC converters, and the battery charger.

In this year’s Challenge Bibendum Rally from the test facility to Paris and back, the SVE vehicles retained a 30% battery charge after traveling 130km.



I would buy one in a heartbeat given the chance.


I would too, but why can't they make it look nice, are they trying to discourage buyers???


It looks crap because it is a van, not a car.
Delivery vans do a lot of stop start driving so electric drive is a good fit. I assume it has regenerative braking (my French is a bit rusty). It would be nice to put the drivetrain into a car such as a Citroen C4 or Peugeot 307 - just for shows.

Roger Pham

Ou la la, c'est une voiture tres interessante, n'est pas?
Se clique en la page:
and you'll find "Charge en roulage" or charging while rolling. click on the tab "Charge en roulage" and you'll see a diagramme showing energy flow to and from the front axle to the motor and to and from the motor to the batterie. This, mon ami, c'est un indication de frain regenerique (regenerative braking)
Au revoir!

Gene Rubin

I love the way it looks!


With this car it is easy to store several Jerry cans filled with bio-ethanol, in case you have make a very long trip. I wonder how well this car performs in miles/gallon or km/liter.

(Not to mention that many campingsites have an electricy-outlet per pit, in fact these are cheap battery fuel stations).


Back of the envelope calculation: The electric genset puts out around 20 hp of power. This is enough (barely) to sustain a highway crusing speed. It is also enough to keep the battery topped up on a stop-and-go setting, especially if you assume that the motor could be run even while the car is parked in a lot (seeing an unattended car run its motor might strike passers-by as unusual). In an enclosed garage, better to top up with a plug in.

Probably not an ideal road-tripper, because if your highway cruise power-draw exceeds 20 hp (think 75 mph cruising speed with full hotel load of a/c, radio, rear-seat DVD, etc.), you'll run down the battery and then have to stop for a few hours to charge up, whether you want to or not. But workable in a pinch -- cruise at 60 mph and shut down the extras. Probably a very viable concept for in-town and suburban delivery routes; La Poste was a logical first customer. Such environments also place a premium on quiet operation and low-pollution operation (NOx, PM, etc.), for which this vehicle is likely well suited.

The body looks something like a Renault Kangaroo, just at first glance. Typical euro-van styling. Cargo capacity is usually not very stunning (for volume, try a Sprinter or a Ford E-350), but very useful in the congested, narrow streets typical of European capitals.


A/c and rear-seat DVD? Is that meant to be a serious consideration?


Air conditioning without question. Rear-seat DVD is a bit of a splurge, but some people do it. If you like, imagine that the hotel load includes a GPS navigation system (with a big ol' touch screen and DVD database) and a speakerphone/charger setup for a cell phone. Not everyone has all these things, but more and more of these toys are becoming standard driving gear.

Kangoo Driver

France, la Post, of course its a Renault Kangoo. I own two (although not like the one shown in the picture) and they are very cheap and practical. Electric or hybrid drive would be even better. I think you'll find a Kangaroo is something different and less comfortable to ride.


Where and when and fow how much can i buy one?


It's miles/gallon or litres/100 km - there's no km/liter metric.


just tell me where to sign , and when could I expect delivery! living here in northern italy most days my mileage never exceeds 50km , this car is perfect , narrow roads etc. Shame we will probably never be allowed to buy one, its not the people that are hooked on gasoiline , its our governments that are hooked on the taxes that the sale of hydrocarbons creates. how do you think that the majority of european administrations will be able to fill there coffers if we all start running around in cars like these, especially if coupled to home generation, ie solar panels.
I think that somone somewhere will find a way to crush the development and sale of such a good little product like this one , as they said in the film, this car is not for everyone, only about 80% of the population.

peter nenos

I would like to buy a green car but they are so expensive to there a reasonable green car out there?why can't the goverment subsidze a green car don't they want a green or do the oil companies have them in their back pocket! peter nenos

karel van hilst

In vain I tried to get in contact with Cleanova to get more information. Unfortunately up to now I have got not one responce on several e-mails! Why? Very much a pitty!

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wat is the gas milage on this??? want to buy one



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