Senators Harkin and Lugar Introduce Ethanol Pipeline Study Bill
Toyota Launches New Corolla in Japan

Total Opens Its First E85 Pump in Paris; Plans 200 in France

Total has opened its first flex-fuel E85 pump in Paris in the service station at Porte d’Orléans. Total has already identified 70 points of sale in its network suitable for E85 distribution; it plans to find at least an additional 130 more to bring its total E85 stations to 200 throughout France.

That 200 would represent 40% of the 500 targeted by the French government as part of a major action plan for flex-fuel vehicles and infrastructure beginning next year. (Earlier post.) The recommendations for the action plan came from a report for the government submitted by ex-Formula one racing driver Alain Prost.

Total also said that it wished to be a signatory of the Charter for Ethanol E85. The Charter is another of the recommendations of the Prost plan, and requires signatories to delineate their commitments to making E85 ethanol accessible and competitive.

The French government has set a target of a 7% share for biofuels by 2010.




Hey maybe we can extend the ethanol pipeline from the previuos news article to france. Maybe they were against Operation Iraqi Freedom, but hey we can still lower our national debt with them. After we sell them our ethanol, we can give that money to the Middle East for oil.

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