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Acheson Introduces New Coatings for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Acheson Industries has introduced Dag EB-012, a versatile conductive, protective coating for lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer batteries. In addition, Dag EB-012 can be used as a current collector primer coating for electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) applications and as a conductive coating on screw threads.

Earlier this year, Acheson introduced Dag EB-023 and Dag EB-030, new coatings for lithium-ion batteries that are highly conductive, tough, and chemical- and solvent-resistant to withstand the environment inside polymer lithium-ion batteries.

The EB-023 and EB-030 coatings, which are one component, solvent-based dispersions of semicolloidal graphite in a thermoset binder, are also suited for PEM fuel cell applications for acid corrosion protection and for electrical conductivity enhancement of bipolar metal plates.

Dag EB-012 is a single-component, water-based dispersion of graphite in a thermoplastic binder that provides an extremely flexible coating with low resistance at low cure temperature. With proper dilution, Dag EB-012 can be applied by spray, brush, roll or print methods. Once cured, Dag EB-012 provides a tenacious chemical- and solvent-resistant coating for most metal substrates.

The water-based, low-VOC coating enables easier environmental compliance, while its low-temperature cure provides energy savings and reduced process costs. Dag EB-012 delivers excellent adhesion to copper and aluminum substrates for lithium-ion and polymer lithium-ion battery applications, providing excellent adhesion of electrode materials to the current collector for stable conductivity and chemical and solvent resistance. The product can be applied wet by spray, bush, roller or flexo and gravure print techniques for processing flexibility.



So what is the bottom line? I'm guessing that reduced price and improved stability are the outcomes.


It looks like a process improvement to reduce costs. They seem to be making regular progress. If they keep going, we might end up with a real cost effective long life battery one day.


Agree with a flat tax system

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