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Avago Introduces First High-Speed Digital Optocoupler for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications

The ACPL-M61T optocoupler.

Avago Technologies recently introduced the industry’s first automotive-grade 10 MBd digital interface optocoupler. The company is a leading supplier of innovative semiconductor solutions for advanced communications, industrial and commercial applications.

Optocouplers transfer signals and data from one subsystem or piece of electronics equipment to another without making a direct ohmic connection, thus protecting microprocessors from overvoltage damage (in the case of source and destination operating at different voltage levels) or when smaller size, higher speed and greater reliability than provided by electro-mechanical relays are important.

Built to withstand high temperatures of up to +125° C, Avago’s new ACPL-M61T is the only high speed digital optocoupler available to support the stringent requirements of various networking, communication and system management applications within hybrid electric vehicles, according to Avago.

Wide temperature support of -40° C to +125° C makes the ACPL-M61T suitable for implementation in CANbus vehicle communication networks, battery management systems, safety and infotainment applications in all automobiles, including hybrid electric vehicles.

Due to the high number of electrical components in hybrid electric vehicles, opto-isolation products play a key role in the optimal performance of these cars.

This is the second product family targeting the emerging trend of hybrid electric vehicles—we will continue the momentum of developing new products for this growing automotive market.

—Kheng-Jam Lee, Worldwide Marketing Manager, Optical Communication Solutions Division

Avago’s 10 Mbd ACPL-M61T comes with an enhanced LED (5 mA) for lower driving current and lower power consumption. The high-speed digital optocoupler also comes with enhanced wire bonding processes and an improved lead frame for added reliability and better heat dissipation. A high common-mode rejection ratio provides a high immunity to transient noises, EMI and ground loops eliminations. Its compact size also makes it flexible for high-density automotive system design.

US pricing for the ACPL-M61T starts at $2.50 in 10,000 unit quantities. It is shipped in leaded or lead-free versions and with tape and reel options. The product is available now through Avago’s direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.

Avago Technologies is the world’s largest privately held semiconductor company. The group was part of HP for 30 years, then was spun off as the semiconductor division of Agilent. In late 2005, it was acquired by KKR and Silver Lake Partners, and became an independent company.



Without these types of devices, the EVs and PHEVs would not be possible. Switching high power at this frequency is an achievement.

Henry Gibson

These devices do not switch high power they are only for isolating low power signals from background noise and voltages. It is amusing to see that they cost more than a microcontroller with a thousand times more circuitry built in. ..HG..

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