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Kubota Approves Global Use of B5 Biodiesel in Specified Products

Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) has announced a global Kubota decision approving the use of B5 (5% biodiesel, 95% petroleum diesel) biodiesel blends in specified Kubota diesel-powered products.

Kubota has tested and approved the use of American B5 biodiesel fuel as a blend component that meets the minimum requirements provided by the American Society of Testing and Materials, Standard ASTM D6751 specifications.

The petroleum diesel fuel base must meet ASTM D975 specification. To ensure quality, biodiesel fuels or blended fuel should be purchased from a BQ-9000 accredited producer.

Kubota strongly recommends compliance with appropriate handling, storage, operating and maintenance of diesel and biodiesel fuels to ensure quality and safe handling.

Kubota is committed to environmentally sound practices and the support of renewable, agriculturally based products used in fuels as we continually work at increasing energy efficiencies within our industry. Kubota believes strongly in the efficiency and high performance of the diesel engine and approves the use of B5 biodiesel fuels.

—Tetsuji Tomita, President, Kubota Tractor Corporation

Kubota Tractor Corporation markets and distributes of Kubota-branded equipment in the US, including a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO hp (PTO = Power Take Off, a driveshaft used to provide power to an attachment or separate machine).



Is B5 a big deal. what are smoe of the ill effects when you use higher amounts of bio diesel. you alway read about people using straghit deep fry oil. without modifacation to there motor ?


Biodiesel is methyl ester, a chemical that can be derived from chemically processing edible oils.
_Older engine components may not hold up well to the effects of methyl ester, especially parts made of natural rubber.


We have been running our Kubota for 2 years on 100% Biodiesel with no ill effects, in fact it runs slightly more efficiently. You do need to change the oil filter more often. (As an aside the only small problem we did have was with a rat chewing through the fuel line once!)

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