IEA Focuses on Hybrids and Biofuels for Reducing Transportation Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions
NREL B20 Study Shows No Increase in NOx Emissions

Odyne Awarded Heavy-Duty CNG Hybrid and Plug-In Diesel Hybrid Contracts

Odyne Corporation has landed new orders for heavy-duty hybrids, one for a CNG hybrid, and another for plug-in diesel hybrids.

The new customers, Keyspan Energy Delivery Long Island and the Town of Oyster Bay, received partial funding from the Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition as part of its Round 7.1 Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) Program.

CNG hybrid. The KeySpan project, the first of its kind in the region, will take a heavy-duty 33,000-pound chassis diesel stake truck and upfit it to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) as a hybrid electric vehicle.

The upfit will consist of the installation of a CNG engine, CNG fuel storage tanks in lieu of a liquid fuel tank, and a hybrid electric propulsion system. Projected to displace 3,750 gallons of diesel fuel annually, the vehicle will have an extremely clean burning engine, and provide a pathway for meeting 2010 US EPA emissions standards ahead of schedule.

The vehicle’s range will also increase by 20% as compared to a non-hybrid CNG truck.

Plug-in diesel hybrids. The second project funded under the Greater Long Island Clean Cities program is for the installation of plug-in hybrid power systems into three existing diesel-powered recycling trucks.

Syosset Truck Sales, Inc. will install the Odyne systems. The hybridization will involve removal of the existing transmission, and installation of the Auxiliary Power Unit, and a specialized battery pack and electric motor.

Odyne has created hybrid-electric vehicle technology which can be applied to Class 6-, 7- and 8- vehicle platforms, including medium and heavy-duty trucks, transit and school buses, refuse trucks and utility vehicles.

Odyne integrates its proprietary electric power conversion, electric power control and energy storage systems with a range of off-the-shelf components including electric motors and storage batteries. Odyne’s Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle systems are series-configuration hybrids. (Earlier post.)


Harvey D.

Another micro-step to increase vehicle efficiency and reduce GHG.

In the last decade or so, Federal Depts, States, Cities, Universities and the private sector have sprinked, left and right, a few billion dollars every year to find ways to reduce fossil fuel (coal-oil-gas) consumption and reduce GHGs. The results to date are nothing to brag about.

During the same time frame, coal-oil-gas firms have invested a few trillion dollars and have received huge tax credits and incentives from Federal and States authorites to exdtract more fossil fuel and flood the planet with GHGs.

It seems that for every $1 invested for the development of cleaner more sustainable energy about $1000 were invested to extract, refine and sell/consume more dirty coal, oil and gas.

This type of ambivalence is leading us in the wrong direction. The trillion of dollars we are planning to spend on Oil, Gas, Coal, Shales and Tar Sands activities have to be redirected for the development of Waves, Solar, Wind ++ clean sustainable energy; + low cost fixed and mobile electricity storage units + low cost PHEVs and BEVs + improved power grids + V2G technologies.


When you look at LNG trains for $2B and pipelines at $20B you have to wonder if these investments make any sense any more.
It is what the oil, coal and gas industries do, but it may not be the best investments for the countries nor the people.


It's about time we beat the oil maggots back into the ground! Three Cheers!

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