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Agribiofuels Signs with ConAgra for Feedstock Oils

Agribiofuels uses IPRC’s microwave separation technology om biodiesel production.

Agribiofuels, LLC has signed agreements with ConAgra Trade Group for feedstock oils for the Agribiofuels biodiesel plant currently under construction in Dayton, Texas. In addition, ConAgra Trade Group will provide biodiesel and glycerin marketing and outbound logistics services for the facility.

Agribiofuels, LLC was formed in 2005 for the purposes of producing biodiesel fuel from vegetable and animal fats and oils. The company uses microwave separation technology (MST) from Imperial Petroleum Recovery Corporation to enable the use of lower-quality and lower-cost feedstock to produce its biodiesel.

Imperial Petroleum Recovery Corporation (IPRC) has a management agreement with and an equity stake in Agribiofuels, LLC. Imperial Petroleum Recovery Corporation also has licensed its patented Microwave Separation technology to Agribiofuels, LLC for feedstock treatment and water separation after the water wash phase of biodiesel production.

MST was specifically developed for use in the crude oil production and refining industries. With the re-emergence of interest in alternative fuels due to the increase in the price of crude, Imperial is now targeting MST for use in the tar sand, oil shale, petrochemical, environmental, marine and biodiesel industries.

Agribiofuels began biodiesel production at its Dayton, Texas technology center in November 2006 and plans to complete its 42 million gallon per year facility in late 2007. Phase 1 of the plant is currently in operation and producing at a 6 million gallon per year rate. This is scheduled to increase to 12 million gallons per year by the 2nd quarter 2007.



" enable the use of lower-quality and lower-cost feedstock to produce its biodiesel."

If this gives them more cost effective options for producing more biofuels, then great!

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