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Arizona County’s Diesel Fleet Runs on B20

11 December 2006

Arizona Republic. Maricopa County’s (Arizona) entire diesel fleet now runs on a B20 biodiesel blend. The change occurred over the summer— by July, all 629 of the county’s diesel vehicles were running on the new fuel.

More than 40% of the county’s entire fleet now runs on alternative fuels, including propane, natural gas and hybrid vehicles.

Operators report no mechanical problems since the introduction of the fuel. The county phased in increasing percentages of biodiesel until it reached the B20 blend mark.

The Arizona Climate Change Advisory Group, which advises Gov. Janet Napolitano, has recommended that the state replace its entire fleet with alternative fuel, hybrid or low-emitting vehicles, as part of a larger goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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This is great news. Hope many other large fleet will make the switch as soon as possible.

Biodiesel is also big in Illinois and King County, WA. More info in an upcoming Green Fleet Teleconference -

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