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Isuzu Introduces New ELF Truck; Start-Stop System Now Standard

The 6th-generation ELF.

Isuzu Motors has introduced the first model of its fully remodeled ELF truck—the sixth generation of the popular commercial vehicle. Automatic start-stop systems are now standard equipment in the non-hybrid ELF models—ELF is the first truck to implement this type of fuel-saving system as standard. Isuzu also offers a hybrid version of the ELF (earlier post).

The new ELF features a newly developed D-CORE 3.3-liter intercooler turbodiesel engine that offers better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. D-CORE is Isuzu’s next-generation diesel engine series that features small displacement combined with supercharging to deliver better economic and environmental performance.

The engine in the new ELF has complied with Japan’s new long-term emissions regulations and cleared a fuel economy standard for heavy duty vehicles. The engine has also acquired a certification for 2005 low emission standard for heavy duty vehicles.

The new engine uses a Variable Geometry System (VGS) Turbo. The increased charging ratio from the VGS turbo, the high-pressure common rail injection, and the larger capacity cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) improve combustion, all under the management of Isuzu’s control software.

Japan’s long-term emissions regulations reduce acceptable PM emissions down to 0.027 g/kWh, a reduction of 85% from the new short-term regulation value of 0.18 g/kWh. NOx levels under the long-term regulations are 2.0 g/kWh, a reduction of more than 40% from 3.38 g/kWh.

Isuzu first introduced the ELF in 1959—since then, Isuzu has produced more than 5 million units of the various models. Today, the ELF is sold to more than 100 countries in the world and has the number 1 market share in Japan and other countries. The ELF is the best-selling low-cab-forward truck in the world, according to Isuzu.



Doesn't say anything about battery voltage. Wonder if it's the new 36V standard.


If the start/stop technology is mature enough for this very common and basic delivery truck, it should be ready for US market pickups and vans. When can we see it standard on all our "light trucks"???

catherine tan


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