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T.Rad Boosting Output Of Exhaust Gas Recirculation Coolers Globally

T.Rad’s EGR cooler accepted by Toyota.

Nikkei. Japan’s T.Rad Co. is increasing its global production of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers for light duty passenger vehicles.

The company will invest some ¥1 billion (US$8.4 million) to install production equipment at its Thai plant in early 2008 to make EGR coolers for supplying Toyota Motor Corp. and others. Toyota is currently using the T.Rad EGR unit in its Land Cruiser Prado.

In summer 2008, T.Rad will invest another ¥1 billion (US$8.4 million) install a special production line at its plant in the Czech Republic. That line will supply EGR coolers to Toyota’s engine factory in Poland and to European automakers. T.Rad will convert its Italian plant that currently makes EGR coolers to producing heat exchangers for construction equipment.

The firm recently finished expanding the production lines at its US factory and is also boosting output at two sites in Japan.

EGR equipment returns part of the exhaust to the engine and decreases the maximum temperature of combustion to lower the quantity of NOx emissions.

T.Rad had been forecasting EGR cooler sales of ¥7.8 billion (US$66 million) in fiscal 2008, but is hurrying to boost production as it now expects sales to top ¥10 billion (US$84 million) due to growing global demand for diesel engines.


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