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VERBIO to Build €100 Million Ethanol Plant in Germany

Vereinigte BioEnergie AG (VERBIO) plans to build a bioethanol facility in the seaport of Rostock, Germany in 2007 with an annual capacity of 200,000 tonnes (67 million gallons US) of ethanol. The total investment is expected to be around €100 million (US$131 million).

VERBIO is one of the leading producers and suppliers of biofuels in Europe and currently has capacity to produce around 400,000 tonnes of biodiesel and 300,000 tonnes of bioethanol per year. The new plant thus represents a significant increase in its ethanol capacity.

Production launch is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2008. As with each of the company’s existing ethanol plants, the new facility will be able to process all common crop types.

The required crop quantities (approx. 680,000 tonnes/year) can be sourced either in the direct vicinity of the plant or received by ship or rail. Rostock is an ideal location with regard to transporting ethanol within Germany, as well as exporting it to northern Europe.

VERBIO currently primarily uses rye to produce bioethanol on a large scale for the fuel industry.

The company uses the byproduct alcohol-free mash as fertilizer for agriculture. In the future, however, VERBIO plans to use the distilling waste in its own biogas plants to generate energy.



To out this into perspective, the average European car probably consumes about 1,600 litres of gasoline a year.

So assuming a 5% blend with gasoline this plant will enable the production of about 5 billion litres a year of E5.

Thats enough just over 3 million cars. There are probably more than 30 million cars in Germany.

So even at E5 blend this plant will only provide enough ethanol for 10% of German cars.



Spend ~1 billion Euros, in 10 plants, and there may be enough E5 for all of Deutschland.


Every little bit helps.

It's a good start. Hope to see more announcements like this.

vladimir madzarac

I need contact with director of the project to learn what is engeenering of your project.
we preparing BE project in Hungary.
V.MADZARAC director
tel.+385 98 424598

Max Reid

Excellent. Hope the Europeans will catch up fast in Ethanol vehicles.


Is the Saab 9-5 2L turbo E85 FFV (BioPower) available in Germany? Have been looking, but so far no luck.

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