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Ethanex Energy and Eco-Energy Sign Ethanol Agreement

Ethanex Energy has entered into an agreement with Eco-Energy for the marketing of its corn ethanol production. Under the terms of the agreement Eco-Energy will purchase Ethanex’s entire output of ethanol for a minimum of five years at prevailing market prices as well as provide certain transportation and logistics services.

Ethanex is a new company that uses fractionation—a technique that separates corn into bran, germ and endosperm—to lower the cost of ethanol production. By only using the purer starch stream from the endosperm for fermentation, the process helps reduce energy and water needs in ethanol production. (Earlier post.)

Ethanex will use Delta-T’s ethanol production process. In October, Ethanex announced that Chevron Energy Solutions (CES), a Chevron subsidiary that develops energy efficiency and alternative energy projects, is conducting preliminary work to prepare a proposal for plant development.

Ethanex Energy is currently developing three ethanol production facilities located in the mid-west, with a combined production capacity of approximately 400 million gallons of ethanol per year. The Company expects these three plants to be operational in 2008.

Eco-Energy, founded in 1992, is the largest independent ethanol marketer in the United States, and sells into every blending location in the country.



Looks like 2mode hybrids, and possile PHEVs, are on their way.


please remove errant comment post above.


This is yet another advancement in ethanol production. It uses corn and not the stover, but we can get there with time. I would like to see us get to E10 nationwide using cellulose, but this helps improve the economics using corn.

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