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MMC Flex-Fuel in Brazil in 2007

22 January 2007

Mitsubishi Motors will introduce E100 flex-fuel vehicles into Brazil in FY2007. The Company also announced that flex-fuel vehicle models are in development for the US market for a fiscal 2009 launch.

Oxygen concentration sensors measure the concentration of O2 in the exhaust gas to infer the concentration of ethanol in the fuel, so that the amounts of fuel injected and the ignition spark timing can be optimized with fuel blends of up to 100% ethanol (E100).

The engine performance and fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are on a par with gasoline vehicles, according to Mitsubishi.

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The engine performance and fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are on a par with gasoline vehicles

This is amazing - everyone is saying how ethanol gets 30% worse mpg than gasoline. I assume this engine is optimized for ethanol and like Saab's BioPower can get more torque and power using ethanol than gasoline.

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