Japanese Diesel Engine Manufacturer to Open Biodiesel Research Center in Malaysia
Raymond Receives Funding from New York to Develop Fuel Cell Technology for Lift Trucks

ZAP Expands to Puerto Rico

ZAP’s XEBRA heads to Puerto Rico.

ZAP has entered into a deal for the distribution of its line of electric vehicles—cars, scooters, seascooters, bicycles, and personal transporters—in Puerto Rico.

AJ Imports in Bayamon, a beach community where the company sells and rents vehicles serving primarily the tourism industry, is now the exclusive ZAP distributor on the island. ZAP Director of International Affairs Fernando Cancela says that hundreds of vehicles have already been shipped to AJ Imports.

The distributor has already started marketing ZAP’s ZAPPY3 electric personal transporters, XEBRA Truck, ZAP Seascooters, and BUZZZ electric ATVs.

Since 1994, ZAP has distributed more than 90,000 electric vehicles like the ZAPPY3 PRO personal transporter to more than 75 countries worldwide.

ZAP is in a very good position to serve the needs of developing countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America and around the world. Many of these smaller countries are vulnerable to volatile oil prices and ZAP’s technologies, especially its electric vehicles, can serve a wide range of needs for lower fueling and maintenance costs—not to mention helping reduce carbon emissions and air pollution.

—Fernando Cancela



Seriously...That is one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen! It looks like someone took a Robin's egg, enlarged it, and put 3 wheels and 4 doors on it. I hate to say it but I think it is because of electric cars like this, that the BEV industry has such a hard time convincing people to buy their vehicles. If you listen to Tesla, one of their biggest hurdles is changing peoples' perception of the BEV, in that BEV's can be fun to drive. I can see why people feel as they do about BEV's. It looks like Zap's heart is in the right place, but their design isn't.

tom deplume

3-wheel vehicle are legally considered to be motorcycles and there for exempt from the safety standards for cars. Not having that 4th wheel keeps the price down.


It makes a lot more sense to have the third wheel in the rear. Anyone who has ever driven a tricycle knows this.

Lee Dekker

This cars appearance would have to improve a great deal before it could be considered ugly. Send them all to Rio.


I'd have thought you were old enough to be past tricycles by now Lucas. :) Could you engineer the front wheel to move side to side (or lean) enough to keep this thing from flipping over on a corner at 10kph (if it goes that fast)



How about a motorcycle with FOUR leaning wheels:



Very cool. But would it still legally be considered a motorcycle (or is it a Viper you cling to for dear life)?

David Herron

I've test driven one and listen in to the yahoo group for Xebra owners. Rather than bash it without facts or real knowledge, why don't you go to one of the Xebra dealers and try them out? The batteries are down low and the weight probably adds to the stability. In any case the Xebra owners are very satisfied with their stability. And yes the range and speed are a bit anemic, but this vehicle is 1/10th the cost of the Tesla Testostaroadster. This vehicle clearly isn't for "everyone" but for those who can make use of a 20-40 mile range on regular streets it would be fabulous.

Mark Higley

If you would like to learn something about what you are talking about, go to http://www.xebraworld.com . It is a owners site for Xebra owners. There you will see what Xebra owners have to say about their vehicles as well as videos of the vehicles in use. You will see the issues that we deal with but above all you will see how much we love our vehicles. The owners emails are posted on their pages in case you want to learn something rather than just make uneducated comments.

BTW: The whole "it's not stable with the three wheels" is dead wrong. I have not spoken to one person that says the vehicle is unstable. I drive mine everyday and it is totally stable.

As to if it is ugly or not?

To me ugly is a war where thounds of people die so we can make sure our fat butts can sit in our pollution spewing SUVs and suck down as much gas as possible.

To me, ugly is knowing that if someone doesn't do something NOW, my childrens children will still be breathing the stink that comes out of the tail pipes of the vehicles we drive.

To me, ugly is knowing that every time you fill up your gas tank, you are funding the next 911.

That is the ugly truth.

Mark Higley

Joseph Gottlieb

1) Why are you talking about the Tesla? Can I buy one... well, I can send my money off, but I can't actually GET one. When you buy one AND receive it, let me know. Pipe dreams look awesome, but you get rug burns scooting the pictures of them around in your living room.

2) Ugly? I have a lot of women say it is the cutest car they have ever seen. I get more looks driving them around than any other car, including exotics. Everyone smiles when they see it. Some laugh, some give me a thumbs up, but it gets noticed and that is the important part. If you make it look like an exotic, people will write it off as too expensive or too custom without even looking into it. By the way, Tesla has it right... make it look cool as hell... then charge $100K for it. I will take my $10K Xebra and smile all the way to the bank right after I pass the gas staion laughin.

3) Stability. Ugh. Go test drive it, then talk about stability. The center of gravity is so low, it is VERY stable. Even at 55+MPH (yes, downhill with the wind to my back).

It's easy to say bad things about something new. Change is hard for people to accept and they will sneer far before smile.

I strongly suggest heading over to a local dealer and taking a look and maybe a test drive. It will be the most fun you have had in a while.

-Joseph Gottlieb

Sean Rarey

Hey, I LOVE my Xebra and I think it is adorable!! Even if I did not think it was so cute there is a HUGE reason to own one; I don't buy or use any gasoline in my day-to-day driving. Oh, and I don't have to do oil changes either. Oh, or tune-ups to my engine. Oh, did I mention no belts, hoses, radiators, exaust systems...?

Yeah, I LOVE my Xebra!!



Every time I pay out $80 to $100 to fuel my pickup. My Xebra get better looking every time.

Granted it does take longer to go to the store. No. I get there in the same amount of time alright. however. everyone wants to know about it.

4 months and over 1000 smiles.

Dave Thompson

Julie Lane

I love my xebra. I haven't bought gasoline in 4 months. I haven't contributed to the war mongerers. My impact on the environment is lessened greatly.

Save a polar bear, drive an electric vehicle.


David Greenfield

Oy Vey Schmeltz- The Xebra is for the hundreds of thousands of people who are doing something to liberate us from the oil grip we find ourselves under. Driving this or other electric vehicles is a way to contribute to our freedom from the oil cartels. BTW, the first VW cars solicited similar comments as yours ... and see what happened later.


less is more!

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