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HBS BioEnergy JV for Waste-to-Power in Ethanol Plant

Agrimass Enviro-Energy proposes an integrated technology model combining gasification and anaerobic digestion. Click to enlarge.

HBS BioEnergy (HBSE), a subsidiary of Human Biosystems, has formed a joint venture with Visalia-based Dairy Development Group and Agrimass Enviro-Energy to build an Energy Park in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

The Energy Park will utilize waste from surrounding dairies to provide the power needed to fuel a proposed ethanol plant to be located on site.

This model could provide energy cost savings of 50 to 80 percent. It will benefit the Valley and help address the environmental issues by processing the wastes, reducing emissions to acceptable levels and improving air and water quality impact and concerns normally associated with dairies.

—Claude Luster, President of HBS BioEnergy

Human BioSystems is a developer of preservation platforms for organs and other biomaterials. In 2006, it acquired two ethanol production facility projects from EXL III Group Corporation, an equity partner in ethanol plant ventures, as the basis for its newly formed subsidiary, HBS BioEnergy.

We made the decision to enter the bio energy field because it gives HBS the potential to achieve substantial revenue and profit growth within a predictable timetable, and because the opportunity and expertise to pursue the renewable energy market exists with this acquisition. This acquisition should give HBS additional financing options not previously available.

—Harry Masuda, CEO of Human BioSystems

Agrimass Enviro-Energy offers both gasification technology and anaerobic digesters to process dairy waste. The company proposes an integrated technology model that combines the two. (Diagram above.)

Dairy Development Group assists dairymen in planning, permitting, building and operating their dairies, with a focus on environmental stewardship, waste mitigation and compliance.



They should build one near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in DC.
There's endless manure there.

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