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10.5 Million Alternative Fuel Autos in US Today

There are some 10.5 million alternative fuel autos on US roads today, according to 2006 sales data from R.L. Polk and Co.

The Polk sales figures also reveal that 1.5 million of them were sold in 2006, surpassing automakers’ sales expectations by 50%. Currently major manufacturers are offering 60 such models for sale including hybrid-electric (17 models from micro-hybrid to full), ethanol-capable E-85 (29 models), and diesel (13 models) and electric (1 model), up from just 12 models for sale in 2000.

A list of such autos available from major manufacturers can be found at



You need the vehicles on the road to increase the use of alternative fuels, but an increased number of vehicles doesn't necessarily mean alternative fuel usage (or decreased fossil fuel usage), due to E85 and biodiesel capable vehicles filled with traditional fuels.

So, this is an important step, but more interesting to me would be the amount of biodiesel, ethanol, natural gas, etc. pumped into vehicles each month over the past x months -- let's see those curves growing.

Even better would be to see the gasoline and traditional diesel fuel curves actually reducing over time, but we're just not there yet.

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