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Ford Europe Launching Three New Flex-Fuel Models in 2008

Ford of Europe is launching flexible-fuel models of the New Mondeo, Galaxy and S-MAX in 2008. These three new models will join the existing Focus and C-MAX flex-fuel vehicles (FFV) to give Ford one of the broadest ranges of flex-fuel vehicles available in Europe.

Ford has sold more than 28,500 Ford flex-fuel units since their market introduction in Sweden six years ago. While the majority of these FFVs have been sold in Sweden, the two current models—the Ford Focus and C-MAX—have progressively been made available in an increasing number of European markets. The next market will be Italy where the two models will be available for sale starting in the second quarter 2007.

Like the Focus and C-MAX flex-fuel models, the new Ford Mondeo, Galaxy and S-MAX flex-fuel models are designed to run on up to an 85% bioethanol blend. Full technical and market availability details of the new models will be released closer to launch early in 2008.

Flexifuel technology is available today and it’s affordable, not only for the environment, but also for the customer. We’re committed to pursuing a portfolio of technologies with the ultimate goal of reducing CO2, and we see flexifuel as one of the most affordable and fuss-free options, provided the fuel infrastructure continues to grow.

—John Fleming, President and CEO, Ford of Europe

Ford also offers CNG (compressed natural gas) versions of Focus C-MAX and Transit, plus Transit LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) in selected markets.

Through this and its range of lower-CO2 conventional vehicle technologies, such as its advanced diesel technologies, Ford is offering one of the broader lower-CO2 vehicle portfolios in Europe today.

Ford recently strengthened its European alternative fuel vehicle organization and named Jan Brentebraten to the newly-created position of Director, Flexifuel and Alternative Fuel Vehicles strategy.

This comes as a result of Ford’s 2006 announcement of a £1 billion investment to develop a broad range of environmental technologies for Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo cars. (Earlier post.) These technologies include flexifuel and alternative fuel vehicles.

Under this plan more than 100 models and derivatives with improved emissions or fuel economy will be introduced over the next five years, including the introduction of a sub-100 g CO2/km version of a regular Ford Focus.


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