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Honda Shows Hybrid Sports Concept in Geneva

6 March 2007

Honda’s new Small Hybrid Sports Concept unveiled at the Geneva auto show is based around a front-wheel drive, small car platform and is powered by a Honda IMA 4-cylinder gasoline-electric hybrid system driving through a CVT transmission.

The Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept. Click to enlarge.

The body is designed to be particularly aerodynamically efficient and compact. Rear-facing digital cameras take the place of conventional door mirrors.

The Small Hybrid Sports Concept has been developed as a design study model by the design studio at Honda R&D Europe based in Offenbach, Germany.

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Could this be it? Is this the much anticipated new Insight? Even if it is just a concept, one can hope for trickle-down. More specs please!

ALL the kids are gonna want one!

Is Honda still mulling a hybrid Fit or have those plans been shelved?

I'd spend an extra 8 thousand dollars to have a
40-mile-range-on-electric plug-in hybrid gas-electric
(such as described in the Chevrolet Volt) in an
Element EX. (No options except power windows, locks,
mirrors (safety), and a single cd in the radio).
I like the vinyl floor which cleans very easily and
does not harbor dirt as does carpeting (which would otherwise harbor & release mold from deep down within). The Element EX has exactly the interior cubic feet of cargo room I need for my business. I also need the EX because it easily gets in and out of crowded auto repair shop parking lots. (I teach auto computer diagnostics for all the other makes).
I am positioning finances to be able to buy one, but
don't have any idea if even one is on the Honda drawing board yet or for what model year. But I am going to wait anyway.
Dan Petit.

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