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March 2007

March 31, 2007

New Atlas Details More Than 3.5 Trillion Tons of Possible CO2 Storage Capacity in US and Canada

Primary sources of stationary CO2 emissions in the US and Canada. The color of the dots indicates the type of source, the diameter, the magnitude of emissions release. Click to enlarge.

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships have identified carbon storage capacity in the US and Canada of more than 3.5 trillion tons. That’s approximately 900 years of storage for stationary CO2 emissions generated at today’s rate of 3.8 billion tons per year.

The results are detailed in the new Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada, which is available online.


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Swedish Researcher Forecasts Peak Oil Between 2008 and 2018 Based on Analysis of Giant Field Production

The higher-end standard case forecast. Click to enlarge.

A researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden has developed a forecast model for global oil production based heavily on a field-by-field analysis focusing on giant oil fields—a giant field being one which will ultimately produce more than 500 million barrels (0.5 Gb) of oil.

In his worst-case scenario, global oil production may peak next year; the best-case scenario indicates peaking in 2018.


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Marathon Prepping E10 for Florida, Tussling with State

Fueling Station. Marathon Petroleum is preparing to introduce E10 blends throughout Florida, but is deadlocked with state regulators over technical standards.


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Suzuki Car Sales in India to Overtake Those in Japan

Nikkei. Demand for passenger cars in India is likely to push Suzuki Motor’s new-car sales in India past those in Japan in fiscal 2007.


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Pulp Mill Proposes Biomass Gasification Project to Replace Natural Gas; Hydrogen Generation a Possibility

The HydroMax reactor and the two stages of processing. Click to enlarge.

Diversified Energy Corporation and Evergreen Pulp have formed a partnership and submitted a proposal to pursue a project to replace natural gas usage at the pulp mill with syngas produced on-site by the gasification of low-value excess wood fines using HydroMax gasification technology. (Earlier post.) 

Using an iron/tin molten metal based reactor, the HydroMax system produces both carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2) in separate and distinct streams from the reactor. In addition to providing fuel for heat and power, the syngas can be used in Fischer-Tropsch processing for fuels and chemicals, or to deliver a hydrogen stream for subsequent purification and use.


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March 30, 2007

BMW Emphasizes Improved Efficiency of New 4-Cylinder Engines; Gasoline Direct Injection and Diesel

New 2.0-liter diesel with Variable Twin Turbo and 2,000-bar injection. Particulate filter is the cylinder at left rear. Click to enlarge.

At its recent Innovation Day 2007 in Germany, BMW emphasized the role its new families of four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines will play in increasing fuel economy while still delivering power and performance. BMW views its diesels in particular as a core technology in its strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

The new gasoline direct injection engines and the next-generation diesel engines, already being applied in new models, all offer lower weight, more power, greater fuel economy, and optimized emissions. In addition to the various improvements and modifications within the different engines, BMW is also adding auto stop start, regenerative braking, electrical power steering and improved on-demand ancillaries control to reduce fuel consumption. (Earlier post.)


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Kansas Governor Signs Carbon Sequestration Bill

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has signed a bill that provides incentives for the underground sequestration of carbon dioxide.


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EPA Issues Guidance on Urea SCR for Diesel Emissions Control

The EPA has issued guidance on emission certification procedures for on-road diesels that use selective catalyst reduction (SCR) technology for NOx reduction. This guidance enables automakers, for the first time, to adapt the technology to light- and heavy-duty vehicles in the US.

The specific area of concern is the use of a reducing agent (e.g., AdBlue) injected into the exhaust gas upstream of the catalyst.  Without the reducing agent, the efficiency of the SCR catalyst drops to zero and NOx emissions can increase substantially. Many automakers, however, are looking to such urea SCR solutions as the near-term solution for meeting Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions regulations for diesels.


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Biden Introduces Bill Focused on Li-Ion Battery Development for EVs and Plug-Ins

US Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) has introduced legislation that would significantly increase US investment in the development of advanced lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

“The American Automobile Industry Promotion Act of 2007” (S.1055) authorizes $100 million a year for five years to advance the technology—double the amount of the current budget request from the Administration.


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Odyne and FAB in Sales and Marketing Agreement for PHEV Systems

Odyne Corporation, a developer of advanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology for trucks and buses, and FAB Holdings, a system integrator and service provider for alternative fuel storage vehicles, have signed a strategic sales and marketing agreement.


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