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Investors Plan to Build World’s Largest Biodiesel Plant in Brazil

Brasil Eco Energia, a new Brazilian biofuel company backed by investors from the US and Brazil, is planning to build the world’s largest biodiesel plant, capable of producing 835 million liters (220.6 million gallons US) per year.

One of the investors in the 600-million-real ($273.9 million) project—Jose Americo Ribeiro dos Santos—is a Brazilian business owner of Latin America's largest grain storage facility, capable of storing 405,000 tons of grains. By 2008, that storage house will be full of soybeans.

Construction begins in the first quarter of 2007, with the facility fully operational by 2008, when Brazil mandates a 2% mix of biofuel in all diesel fuel.


Eo Symmetrics Inc.

We require assisstance in aquiring 20,000 - 100,000 acres of agriculture land to produce approximately 1,000 gallons per acre Bio Diesel per year. Please contact as we guaranteeyou success. We have funding and equiptment we need land. Thank You

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