Study: CO2 Output from Shipping On Same Order as That of Aviation, Could Double by 2050
Canada and Alberta Launch Carbon Capture and Storage Initiative

Mercedes May Field Mild- and Full-Hybrids in 2009

Mercedes-Benz has both mild- and full-hybrid vehicles under development that may hit the market as soon as 2009, according to an interview with DaimlerChrysler’s head of R&D, Dr. Thomas Weber, in Automobilewoche.

Which version will enter series production first isn’t yet set.

DaimlerChrysler and the BMW Group recently announced they are expanding their collaboration in hybrid drive systems and will participate as equal partners in the development of a mild hybrid module for rear-wheel-drive premium segment cars. (Earlier post.)

Both are also working with GM on the two-mode full hybrid drive system.



Of course they are developing hybrids. Any car company that isn't suicidal are developing hybrids.

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