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Honda Dealer Opening Natural Gas Station

Mercedes to Offer Hybrid Option on All Models

DaimlerChrysler Chairman Dieter Zetsche told the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport that all future Mercedes models will come with a hybrid option—initially a mild hybrid—to reduce CO2 emissions.

We will develop no new vehicles that do not support a hybrid option.

—Dieter Zetsche

Zetsche reaffirmed that Chrysler will have a full hybrid in 2008, with Mercedes to follow in 2009, albeit in the USA. “We do not exclude Germany and Europe,’ he noted, however.

DaimlerChrysler recently announced an extension of hybrid partnership with BMW to include the development of mild hybrid systems. (Earlier post.)

With the mild hybrid we can obtain 70 per cent of the effect of a full hybrid with 30 per cent of the expenditure.

—Dieter Zetsche



The GM/DC/BMW's 2-mode will vie with Toyota/Ford's hybrid systems.
_Has Toyota released any word on micro-hybrids? They pretty much have the full hybrid market to themselves, but micro/mild-hybrids still offer some benefits at lower costs. At the very least, they can install a large battery and alterantor/generator, and beef up the power components on their Tundra & Tacoma pickups and snub the GMC Sierra micro-hybrid. With construction workers/contractors, govt. fleet operators, and farmers a clean generator mode would be highly welcomed. A clean diesel option (Tier2Bin5) would be icing on the cake.
_An OEM (or vehicle warranty non-voiding 3rd party components) THS home generator mode kit would be useful for those who have a Prius (or other THS vehicles), and live in areas with frequent power outages.

Lisa Young

Bring on the Hybrids.
Thank you for taking this seriously, I look forward to driving my gorgeous stylish Hybrid Mercedes soon.
Definately the car of the future.
Lisa Young

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