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AB Enzymes Introduces New Enzyme Product to Enhance Seedoil Extraction

AB Enzymes, one of the world’s oldest enzyme companies, has introduced a new product for the processing of vegetable oils.

ROHALASE OS reduces the need for chemicals in the extraction of oil from seeds such as canola, sunflower and soy while delivering a higher yield. The product can be applied at room temperature, and simply sprayed on the seeds. The product is ready to use—it requires no dilution or formulation steps.

Heat stable up to 80-85°C, ROHALASE OS results in higher yields, reduced amount of oil in press cake, lower temperature at the press head and reduced energy costs. Subsequent oil degumming with ROHALASE MPL also becomes more effective due to higher removal of phospholipids.

This new product is an excellent addition to our product line and fits well with our strategic focus on BioFuels. In addition to oil-based fuels, this technology is ideally suited for biomass to ethanol conversion. As in other industries, we will be working with strong partners to develop opportunities in this exciting field.

—Aryan Moelker, CEO of AB Enzymes

Enzymes in AB’s ROHALASE product line are used for degradation of xylans, celluloses, and glucanes—natural carbohydrates also called NSPs (non starch polysaccharides).

AB Enzymes is part of the ABF Ingredients division of Associated British Foods.



How does this work?


How safe is this? Is the left over mash safe for animal or human feed? If so every little bit helps.


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