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BMW Provides Two Hydrogen 7 Sedans to Bavarian Ministers

Bavaria’s (Germany) Minister of Environment Dr. Werner Schnappauf and Minister for Economic Affairs Erwin Huber will now each be using a BMW Hydrogen 7 sedan (earlier post) for regular travel.

BMW is providing its hydrogen-fueled, internal combustion engine Hydrogen 7 to selected representatives from the fields of politics, economy and society. Initially, BMW has produced only a small series of 100 Hydrogen 7 vehicles.


John Baldwin

The planet is getting warmer each mile is driven in these idiotic Greenwash vehicles....shame on a Minister of Environment falling for this.....


Wasn't Baron Von Hindenburg from Bavaria?


What bmw is up to is simple enough. They know with work they can get the h2 cheap enough and h2 ice is the only was a v12 v16 lux car will be built in 15 years so they work on it. Good news is that recent h2 ice work should greatly improve the mpk of h2 ice cars.. not as good as a good furl crll but near as good as the lower range of fuel cells.. 55-70 percent eff.

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