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Boral and IVECO Partner on CNG Cement Mixer Trucks

The CNG cement mixer.

Boral, a building and construction materials supplier, and IVECO Trucks in Australia have partnered to develop Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueled cement mixer trucks.

Boral has been testing five CNG powered trucks for the past six months in a fleet of 170 trucks, most of which are IVECO Acco 2350G 8x4 diesel units running 6-cylinder, 8.3-liter  Cummins ISC engines producing 285 hp (213 kW) and 800 lb-ft (1,084 Nm) of torque at 2200 rpm.

The five CNG powered trucks are fitted with 6-cylinder, 8.3 liter Cummins C Gas Plus engines that produce 280 hp (209 kW) and 850 lb-ft (1,152 Nm) of torque. These are 3rd generation CNG engines featuring multi-point sequential lean-burn induction technology and electronic engine management.

Advanced Fuel Technologies of Melbourne performed the gas equipment design and fit-outs. After the Cummins CNG engines were fitted down line at IVECO’s Melbourne plant, the trucks were transported to AFT’s facility. Four ultra light weight gas tanks with a combined capacity of 170 cubic meters were fitted behind the cabs, the engines were plumbed and instrumentation and high-pressure regulators fitted.

We were immediately pleased to learn that though power output is slightly lower, torque is higher...Despite the lower power rating, these figures reflect improved ‘drivability’ of the gas trucks. Another pleasant surprise has been fuel efficiency—along with environmental credentials one of the main drivers of the project in the first place.

—Richard Smithson, Boral Concrete Fleet Manager

The CNG trucks, which are 100 kg heavier than the diesels, achieve almost comparable fuel consumption, according to Smithson.

The Australian Greenhouse Office reports indicate CNG engines offer carbon dioxide emission reductions of up to 40% compared with low sulfur diesel engines. Other benefits of CNG compared to diesel engines include very low particulate emission because of its low carbon to hydrogen ratio, negligible evaporative emissions, low cold start emissions, extended flammability limits allowing stable combustion at leaner mixtures, lower adiabatic flame temperature leading to lower NOx emissions, much higher ignition temperature preventing unsafe auto-ignition, non-toxicity and lighter than air means fuel ‘spills’ are not dangerous, and negligible sulfate emissions.


Max Reid

A lot of CNG powered vehicles, like this mixers, buses, cars, trains, ships are coming up.

Parallely, LNG trade is zooming, some day when LNG / CNG is available in plenty, the vehicles powered by this fuel will also increase as fast as Ethanol.

Another big initiative in Nat-gas front is that the Germans are producing gas from waste and other agro products. It has a potential to be a big source in the near future.


Readymixed concrete is a heavy transport job that can't be replaced by rail so we will need to keep these trucks going after natural gas peaks in a few years. I think it is likely domestic CNG demand will cut Australia's LNG exports. After that I don't think there will be enough compressed biomethane or syngas for more than a fraction of the current truck fleet.

aussie paul

Here is an interesting link to an underground coal gasification company.
Australia has over 200 years supply of coal at current rates of usage which include selling enormous amounts to the likes of China. It would be far better to gasify the stuff, underground, to reduce carbon content, value adding an export product, and from there a gas is the better product for power generation, transport,heating, cooking, chemical processes, solar methane reforming, and probably a lot more.


I have heard that it takes lots of NG to make cement. I assume that the NG is used to create heat used in the process of making cement. It makes sense that they would use it to power the vehicles. If we get around to gasifying biomass to SNG it would be CO2 neutral as well.

This is cimplicated


This is so cool!! Could you use smaller words?

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