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Dongfeng Honda Begins Sales of Civic Hybrid in China

Dongfeng Honda announced that it will begin the import and sales of the Civic Hybrid in China through dedicated Dongfeng Honda dealers. The company made the announcement at Auto Shanghai.

Among the other vehicles Honda has on display on its stand at the auto show are:

  • FCX Concept, Honda’s new fuel-cell vehicle, and Honda’s experimental Home Energy Station, which would provide hydrogen home refueling.

  • Fit FFV, a Flexible Fuel Vehicle that can be operated on either 100% ethanol or a wide range of ethanol-gasoline fuel mixtures, which Honda has been producing and selling in Brazil since the end of 2006.

  • Green Boat 2, the winning machine in the first Honda Econopower Race held in China in 2006, developed by a team from Tongji University, which drove 331.623 kilometers on one liter of gasoline. (In the Honda Econopower Race, participating teams compete based on the distance the vehicle can drive with one liter of gasoline. This is a race to challenge the limits of fuel efficiency.)


Mridul Kashatria

Bring Hybrids to India too, we are waiting!

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