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EPA to Award $700,000 in Clean School Bus Grants to Midwest School Districts

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5’s Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative expects to award some $700,000 this year in grants for school bus diesel-emission reduction projects in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Project proposals will be accepted until 22 June and final awards are expected to be made around 1 November.

Proposals may include, but are not limited to, diesel exhaust retrofits, vehicle replacement, engine replacement, idle reduction technologies or strategies, and use of cleaner burning fuels such as biodiesel.

Grant funds come from EPA's Clean School Bus USA program. Program goals are to reduce school bus idling, retrofit existing buses with emission-control devices, use cleaner fuels and replace the oldest buses with new, cleaner buses.

Since 2003 when the program started, EPA has provided almost $2.8 million for 23 school bus emission-reduction projects in EPA Region 5. In addition, more than $800,000 in matching funds was contributed by applicants for education and installation of emission-reduction technologies.

The Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative is a collaboration of federal, state and local agencies, along with communities, non-profit organizations and private companies working together to reduce emissions from diesel engines in the Midwest.


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