New York Mayor Presents PlaNYC for a More Sustainable New York; 30% Reduction in CO2 by 2030
Tanfield Lands First Contracts for Edison Electric Van

Houston Metro Puts 10 Hybrid Buses into Service

Houston Metro has put the first 10 of 30 new hybrid buses into service. The remainder of the new hybrid fleet is expected in May.

The 40-foot buses are diesel electric hybrids from New Flyer (earlier post), using the GM Allison hybrid drive. Metro expects the buses to post a fuel savings of 30% or more.

The Metro buses also use signal technology to give the buses priority at intersections for predictable, on-schedule service.



Is anyone making diesel-hybrids for passenger cars? Seems like the best of both worlds - a fuel efficient diesel combustion engine combined with the hybrid-electric...?

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