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German Researchers Find Straight Rapeseed Oil Fuel Increases Mutagenicity of Diesel Engine Emissions

Natural Gas Vehicles In Germany Up 40.6% in 2006

Automobilwoche. The natural gas car fleet in Germany increased by 40.6% in 2006 from 38,993 to 54,772, according to the latest figures from the  Kraftfahrt-Bundesamtes.

The increase is due to four reasons, according to Hartmut Hechler, chairman of the Initiativkreises Erdgas als Kraftstoff in Bayern (IEK Bayern): the lower cost of natural gas fuel, low emissions, an increasing network of natural gas fueling stations, and a broader selection of natural gas vehicles.

Of those, the most important is the economic argument, according to Hechler. Natural gas fuel is some 50% less than gasoline and more than 30% less than diesel.

(A hat-tip to John!)



Most people vote with the pocketbook, naturally.


The ability to fill up at home would be a bonus.


Re: Earl's comment-- "The ability to fuel up at home would be a bonus" --- please check http://www.myphill.com for information on a home CNG filling station.

Honda now sells CNG cars not only to fleet, as in the past, but now to the public. Savings can be had by buying used fleet Honda GX CNGs on websites like eBay motors.

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