VW to Reduce Fuel Consumption for Models in China by More Than 20%
US Senators Introduce Bill to Nationalize California Tailpipe Greenhouse Gas Standard

Oil Sands to Fuel 30% Increase in 10 Years in Alberta’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Calgary Herald. Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner says the Canadian province’s greenhouse gas emissions are expected to increase another 30% within 10 years despite new efforts at regulation.

He attributed the increase to Alberta’s economic growth, fueled by the oil sands industry.

Alberta’s emissions are already 40% higher than the Kyoto benchmark. Government projections show even with anticipated reductions achieved through a provincial regulation taking effect in July, emissions could be 64% above the benchmark by 2020.



An example where high rhetoric and good wishes are trumped by reality and self interest.When Kyoto appeared to restrict "wealthy nations" it looked great.When it restricted a Canadian black gold rush it was tossed overboard faster than an annoying mother in law.
When looking to legislate we must look into future ramifications,political acceptability,future tech advances etc.
This is going to take years of legislative tinkering,revising and re-legislating.Simple answers are probably going to elude us.

Harvey D.

If extraction from tar sands increases 4-folds as planned, the 64% above pollution benchmark by 2020 may be underestimated by 2X to 3X.

Alberta has the highest population growth + the lowest gasoline tax. This combination translates into gas guzzlers buying by almost everybody. Many homes already have 2 gas guzzlers, going to 3 within 5 years as the kids grow older.

This trend won't change unless the Federal authorities(progressively) increase the national gas tax (by at least +$0.25/liter) + more purchase penalties (another +$4k) on ALL gas guzzlers, (including the presently excluded famous pick-up trucks).

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