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Quantum In Strategic Agreement in China to Expand Global Portfolio of Natural Gas Vehicle Products

Types of CNG storage tanks. Click to enlarge.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. has signed an agreement in China for the distribution and sale of compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders into international markets.

Through this agreement, Quantum gains access to lower-cost Type II steel tanks and Type III aluminum-lined, carbon fiber-wrapped, high-pressure compressed natural gas cylinders, enabling entry into broader international market segments. The tanks will be manufactured in China by Quantum’s partner for the international automobile and transit bus markets.

Quantum produces ultra-lightweight Type IV compressed natural gas cylinders.

Quantum will assist with the certification of these CNG cylinders to international standards for safety and quality, specifically ISO 11439, EU ECE R110, and US NGV2-2000, for compressed natural gas tanks.

We believe that this partnership will facilitate Quantum’s entry as a supplier of complete, integrated fuel storage systems to Chinese automakers and the growing market for alternative fuel vehicles in China, India, and Europe to meet government demands to diversify energy resources and mitigate the environmental impact of increasing transportation needs.

—Alan Niedzwiecki, President and CEO of Quantum




This is good news for bringing down the cost of CNG cylinders. I am a fan of dual fuel gasoline or CNG cars. They are doing a lot with CNG in India and there was a previous story about Chino Hills in Southern California mandated an NG outlet in new homes so that they could easily install the Phill NG compressor device. If cars in Southern California commuted using CNG the air would be much cleaner and it would take the pressure off producing all the gasoline in a few refineries. Every spring the price of gasoline goes up because the say they have to switch formulations. It has been over $3 per gallon for a month and will probably stay there for a while longer.


Do you sell natural gas cylinders for cars,if so can you email me a price list with specs.Also need to know about shipping tanks to chicago il.

Bill Gulledge

I too would like to see the price list of type II and type III tanks, suitable for auto CNG conversion applications in the US. Also, can you note which of these tanks meet required US certification standards?



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