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Siemens Applies Injection Technology to Dosing System for Exhaust Aftertreatment

Siemens VDO is applying its DEKA fuel injection technology in a diesel dosing system for optimal regeneration of particulate filters.

The aftertreatment solution, which is independent of the engine and requires no change to engine architecture, uses a fuel injector in combination with a high-temperature spray nozzle valve to directly spray a precise dose of diesel fuel into the exhaust before it enters the particulate trap.

The injectors’ patent-pending nozzle design is engineered with an outward opening device, creating a self-cleaning feature to prevent coking build up.

This poppet design also optimizes the diesel spray pattern to evenly distribute the fuel for efficient regeneration of the particulate filter and, depending on a customer’s design, may eliminate the need for a mixing device, helping to significantly drive down the system’s cost.

The aftertreatment system costs approximately 30% less than other comparable solutions on the market, according to the company. The diesel dosing system is due to go in series production on a light duty North American application in 2010.



Are there any initiatives in place for exhaust aftertreatments like this one (DEKA) or Mercades Bluetec but for non-diesel engines?

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