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Smith Electric Vehicles Closes Deal for 55 Newtons

26 April 2007

On the heels of its introduction of the 3.5t electric Edison and related contract announcements (earlier post), Smith Electric vehicles announced that TNT Express has contracted for 55 Newton 7.5t trucks (earlier post).

The Newton uses four Zebra 278V batteries to provide power for an Azure Dynamics drivetrain at speeds of up to 50 mph. Fully charged, the vehicle has a range of 130 miles. It can be re-charged on board or through domestic mains or a standard three-phase socket.

Five of the electric vehicles will be used in a first trial in mainland Europe.

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Great news , with all this Zebra activity the cost of these cells
should reduce in the near future!

(40 ft lbs)

(12 lbs)

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