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Toyota Prices LS 600h L

9 April 2007

Toyota’s Lexus announced the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the LS 600h L luxury hybrid sedan: $104,000. (Earlier post.)

Featuring the world’s first full hybrid V8 powertrain and an all-wheel drive system, the LS 600h L goes into the showroom in June.

Toyota has yet to announce the fuel economy estimates for the sedan, saying instead that it will deliver power and performance on a par with modern 12-cylinder engines, producing more than 430 horsepower while still delivering fuel efficiency equal to or better than the combined fuel-economy ratings of V6 all-wheel-drive mid-sized luxury sedans.

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Somehow I doubt that this vehicle will have much impact on overall fuel consumption.

lalala here we go again with the attitude.

A conventional LS sedan sells for about $70K. You will only have to drive the hybrid LS for about 20 years to recoup your additional $30K investment. I imagine Toyota must think hybrid car buyers are morons.

At $70 or $104 thousand dollars, you are NOT recouping any investment. If you can afford that kind of money, you don't care about recouping your investment, just like you don't care to recoup your investment if you buy leather seats or fancy wheels or navigation system... The people that spend this kind of money are doing it for the attention, not for the cause it is supposed to represent. Read again, this is full of horsepower, it's not an ecological car.

Well said Richard.

What was the purpose of this kind of hybrid again? And should we be railing against Watanabe for his childlike need to serve the fat and furious? Lucky Toyota has such friends.

What was the purpose of this kind of hybrid again?

"power and performance on a par with modern 12-cylinder engines, producing more than 430 horsepower"

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