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Beijing Public Transport Co. Orders 250 CNG Bus Engines from Cummins Westport

Beijing Public Transport Holdings, Ltd. (BPT) has ordered 250 Cummins Westport B Gas Plus engines to power Beijing Jinghua Coach Co. buses.

These buses will be in addition to the current fleet of CNG-powered buses to showcase next year’s 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. More than 3,000 Cummins Westport natural gas engines are in operation in China today.

The Cummins Westport B Gas Plus is a 5.9-liter six-cylinder natural gas engine that builds on the design of Cummins diesel and natural gas engines. The B Gas Plus delivers power from 195 to 230 hp with low emissions and proven reliability. It features enhanced controls, plus full-authority electronics that include a programmable Electronic Control Module (ECM) that sets engine operating parameters and provides for road speed governing, engine protection and complete self-diagnostics.

Beijing Public Transport (BPT) is a state-owned enterprise operating surface public transport in Beijing, China and is one of the largest operators of CNG vehicles in the world. BPT operates more ethan 24,000 vehicles of various types on 773 bus routes. With annual mileage of 1.45 billion km and 4.41 billion passenger trips, BPT handles approximately 83% of the total trips by transit in Beijing.


John Baldwin

Lets have some of these for the London Olympics please. But running on bio-methane and so zero CO2.


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