Maxwell Technologies and Argonne National Lab to Collaborate on Testing Ultracapacitor/Lithium-Ion Battery Combination for Hybrid Vehicles
FedEx Express, Azure Dynamics Enter Agreement for E-450 Hybrid-Electric Delivery Vehicles

Cobasys Supplies NiMH Packs for Army Heavy Duty Hybrids

Cobasys has supplied its NiMHax Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery systems for integration into heavy-duty hybrid-electric trucks developed by Armor Holdings, Inc. for the US Army. (Earlier post.)

The Military Utility Assessment (MUA) testing began in March by the soldiers in Ft. Lewis, Washington where the vehicles were placed in operational service to begin performing a variety of mission simulations.

Cobasys was chosen to supply a system to the Army’s Future Tactical Truck System (FTTS) based on one of their standard products, the NiMHax 336-70. The complete energy storage system, using four NiMHax 336-70 sub-packs, is capable of producing more than 280 kW and provides more than 11 kWh of energy.

The FTTS heavy-duty hybrid program is part of the Army’s efforts to develop their next generation of tactical wheeled vehicles known as Maneuver Sustainment Vehicle (MSV). The military selected the NiMHax 336-280V system because Cobasys is the only North American manufacturer supplying ‘plug-and-play’ NiMH battery systems for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) heavy-duty applications.



Cobasys is a joint venture, agreement, between an oil company, Chevron/Texaco, and the NiMH patent holder, Ovonics. The idea is to control the NiMH battery market and they achieved that. They have succeeded in slowing the growth of battery technology up until now. Gas prices have forced them out of the closet onto the market.

Just pray there are no more of these type agreements with the Li-ion battery patent holders and the oil companies or we will see the progress of the BEV technology slowed further. One must continue to understand Big Oil, and their buddies, Big Auto, are all about control of the markets not competing fairly in an open market place.


Roll up, roll up, get your tinfoil hats here.

Going cheap to true believers.....

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