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Dubai Introducing Hybrid Taxis

26 May 2007

Gulf News. The Dubai government announced that it will begin introducing hybrid vehicles into the taxi fleet.

The decision follows the directives of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, that environmental issues should be given priority, as highlighted in the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.

More than 75% of the air pollution in Dubai is thought to be caused by vehicle emissions.

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Good for their air...and their energy security. Dubai is running out of oil to export (the vast majority of UAE's oil is under the control of Abu Dhabi).

Dubai got smart, with few resources they resorted to becoming a place for all the other Arab oil countries in the region.

They are a place where people from the region can go and do the things that they can not or would not do in their own country.

I guess you could say, "what happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai".

Good decision

Taxis drive 100's of kilometers every day and the extra cost of the vehicle will be recovered in 1-2 years, so there will be no extra charge for customer.

New York City plans to make all Taxis Hybrid by 2012.

Many cities are moving in the Green Direction.

I love to visit Dubai once.

Go Dubai Go...!!! I hope other cities follow this and reduce Global Warming. We owe this to our future generations.

This would help in preserving fossil fuels.
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nice to read it, had not yet heard about it

hmm Dubai Hotel Apartments you right, i also had not heard about it ..... new to me

Wow, Dubai has all infrastructure to introduce world class facilities to it's people. i am proud of Dubai.


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Hyprid cars made to run on Dubai Roads ;)


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