Maxwell Announces $10.4M Financing
CSIRO Awarded A$59.6M for Research into Low Emission Transport Fuels

Enova to Begin Shipping Power Control Units for Th!nk EVs

Enova Systems will begin shipping power control units (PCU) to the Th!nk Group in June 2007 for use in their new production electric vehicle.

Enova’s unit converts and regulates high voltage power to lower voltages and transfers power throughout the drive system and the battery, and also assists in energy recovery during regenerative braking.

Enova has partnered with EDAG to support the technical design, development and validation efforts. EDAG, the world’s largest independent development partner, develops customized concepts and solutions, optimized for production, to meet the mobility needs of the future. Besides development, design and engineering, EDAG’s capabilities extend to part validation for production systems from a single source.

The second-generation Th!nk City vehicle will have a driving range of 180 km (112 miles), with a top speed of 100-110 kph (62-68 mph) and a 0-50 kph (0-31 mph) acceleration of seven seconds. The new vehicle is expected to be launched in Norway in 2007, and selected international markets in 2008.



Just saw that Think's website now also is in English. See

Charles S

Thanks for the link to the website. While the old site with professional photography was very nice, this new version (to me) with the artistic touch definitely increases the appeal. I really didn't like the older version of Th!nk (for multiple reasons) but this version a definite hit in my book.

Any ideas if there is any plans for US launch? For about $32k plus $160/mo battery lease, I think it's definitely a contender in the US EV market.


Charles S
Here in Italy there is a Fiat Panda BEV on sale now with the
same battery as the Think for around $26000 which includes the battery
as an owned item , this car has four doors and is much more pratical than
the Think , is has also achived full crash testing in the Eu.
Surely there is a North American dealer looking for this sort of
product for sale in these markets , its also a very funky looking car and
would go down great guns in California

Charles S

The Fiat Panda sounds great too. I'm looking forward to the choices for EV in the next few years.


Wikipedia has more on the think and a US launch. To quote "Think has indicated via email that it will start selling the new version in the fourth quarter in Norway, followed by the first quarter of 2008 in the UK and second half of 2008 in the U.S. The March 2007 website says that the company is already taking orders in Norway and will announce its international plans on its English page." I am almost certain the high Norwegian price of 33000 includes a lot of taxes. The price for the US launch should be much lower. Probably the same as the Fiat. This could be the first mass produced highway capable EV.

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