Obvio! to Establish Carbon Fund from Car Sales
Maxwell Technologies and Argonne National Lab to Collaborate on Testing Ultracapacitor/Lithium-Ion Battery Combination for Hybrid Vehicles

First Class 8 Hybrid Truck Delivered to Wal-Mart

The Pete Store has delivered a Peterbilt Model 386 Hybrid—the first Class 8 hybrid truck of its kind—to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Earlier post.)

The Eaton Hybrid Power System in the truck features an automated manual transmission with a parallel-type direct hybrid system, incorporating a 44 kW electric motor/generator located between the output of an automated clutch and the input to Eaton’s Fuller UltraShift transmission.

During third-party testing, the Eaton Hybrid Power System has routinely achieved a 5-7% fuel savings versus comparable, non-hybrid models. It may result in a savings of one gallon of fuel per hour when idling.



It may result in a savings of one gallon of fuel per hour when idling.

Why are these vehicles idling at all? Why not engineer the engines to shut down in stop&go traffic, and use plug-ins or a mini generator to power the cab when parked for the night?



Emissions control equipment requires a minimum operating temperature in order to do its job. Shutting down often would prevent this equipment from working properly, which would create significant air quality problems.

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